Red-soled Shoes Highlight Women’s Elegance

In the eyes of the designer Christian Louboutin, a pair of fashionable shoes is as significant as a beautiful face to women, and this brand is famous for its red-soled shoes, which appeals to a lot of Hollywood female stars from Europe and the United States. Indeed, Christian Louboutin shoes are appropriate to various kinds of occasions, whether formal or informal.

In the beginning, Christian Louboutin set fashionable dinner party shoes as its major objective. In 1970s, the brand had started to rapidly spread out the fashion industry owing to its high quality and unique design, and then worked with the two biggest brands Dior and Chanel. As a matter of fact, among various high heels brands, this brand never goes unnoticed, due to its high prestige in the world market.

It is known that the unique feature of Christian Louboutin shoes is the bright red sole. Besides, the high heels cannot cause any uncomfortable feeling on wearers’ feet and legs. Hence, owing to extraordinary red high-heel sole, the brand have won warm praise from female stars. It is believed that shoes with red sole are Christian Louboutin! Those shoes lighten women’s features of grace, fascination, and sex appealing.

No matter in formal or informal occasions, high-heel red shoes make women more attracting than other women. Moreover, the red-bottom shoes are appropriate to fit with all styles of dress and hair. Therefore, the brand designer thinks his red shoes as a combination of beauty and sexuality, and the shoes are high enough to make them slim and walk sexily.

The Allure of Shoes With Red Bottoms Inspired by Famed Designer Christian Louboutin

Celebrities and fashionable women alike are flocking to obtain these highly sought after shoes with red soles.

Easily recognizable and beautiful to look at red bottom heels have become a must-have addition for those wanting to accessorize their own wardrobe.

To begin with, for those that can afford it, buying a brand new pair of Christian Louboutin shoes is definitely worth every penny. Not only are they beautifully designed and carefully made with the finest craftsmanship but they stand out from all other brand name footwear simply for their distinctive red coloured soles. Every since the designer created his first pair, by applying red nail polish to the bottom of the shoe, they have grown to be known as symbols of luxury for fashion forward women.

Although their price ranges are quite high for a brand new pair that does not mean that the average women cannot find great bargains from gently used pre-owned Louboutin’s. The majority of owners have paid quite a high price for their shoes and often keep them in excellent condition and in most cases barely-worn conditions. Your local brand name consignment store may possibly contain some but they usually are quite difficult to find depending on the area they are located in. However, by doing a simple search on fashion and online retail sites you will notice that they are available from a multitude of sellers from all different countries. This increases your chance of finding an original and authentic pair much higher and at a very reasonable cost.

With every popular product there come a slew of imitators. This is actually not a negative feature but rather a positive one. Albeit the original designer may have many unique and beautiful designs but are still limited by the amount they launch each season. This provides a huge opportunity for other lesser known designers to come up with their own multitude of different versions of the red bottomed shoe designs. For the buyer this provides many more choices to pick from and at prices that will not break the bank.

The increase of the styles of shoes with red bottoms also increases their visibility and ultimately their brand awareness as more people own them. Few shoes garner the same type of instant recognition as those shoes with red soles. They are no longer available as only elegant red bottom heels for evening wear purposes but have also spread over to more casual everyday-wear designs including pumps, boots and mules.

How to Avoid Looking Like the Latest Fashion Victim? Black Plaid Shoes Are the Answer

Everywhere you go at the mall, you see plaid; plaid skirts that look like large belts, plaid shirts, plaid jackets, plaid handbags, plaid sneakers, plaid pants, plaid, plaid, plaid… It gets to be a bit much. You know what they say about too much of a good thing, which seems to be the case for the latest fall fashion.

Not everyone can wear plaid and look their fabulous best. It’s one thing to wear plaid on robes and pajama bottoms, yet a whole new thing to wear it as street fashion, office dressing for success or after five functions. 

Body Types and Plaid

Not many women can carry off the large block plaids. If you are close to 6′ tall and quite thin, you may be able to carry it off well. Yet, even that may not bode well because when you are wearing fashion you want your persona to be noticed and the garment to enhance you-not the other way around. Remember the saying, “Are you wearing the dress or is the dress wearing you?”

Dressing in plaid from head to toe can be a bit much, for the same reasons; but, wearing a plaid skirt with a simple top works.  Plaid tops with a simple bottom can work, too. Just be careful of the pattern, making sure it doesn’t overtake your face. Large bosomed ladies are wise to choose a light pattern or a small plaid in order to not look dumpy.

How to Use the Latest Fashion and Still be a Trendsetter

The chic and sophisticated woman who is knowledgeable of the latest fashion trends knows a few secrets:

      1.     Less is more.
      2.     A few good pieces go a long way.
      3.     Quality over quantity.

A pair or two of some fabulous plaid high heels fits these prerequisites.  A shoe boding well is the black plaid shoe with a white cloth base, the plaid in black thin lines with a small amount of red stripes in the plaid. A black gloss heel adds refinement to the shoe.

Wardrobe Combination Ideas

Imagine pairing these shoes with a winter white outfit. Add a red or black high gloss belt, a small plaid bag if you like, and red toes to peek out of the plaid peep toe high heels. Another great classic is a black turtle neck, a black plaid skirt with a small lightly woven white plaid possibly with a touch of red. Then, pair them with the same shoes-you’ve got another hit. These looks will work for the office to the charity luncheons, meetings, and errands.

For a bold statement and something really fun, pair these same high heels with a bright yellow dress or skirt and blouse outfit. Add a black cardigan, a black belt, plaid belt or a red belt, thus creating a grand look and you will not see yourself coming and going. You can do the same with any of your favorite bright colors.

One of my favorite pairs of black plaid shoes is at It is a classic and an added bonus is when you put this saucy high heel on-the beautiful women’s shoe makes your calves look extraordinary.

Here’s to wearing plaid in a smart, chic way this fall and winter.

Colorful Soles of FENDI’s Fantasia Shoes

Most times when we are looking at a pair of shoes, we pay much attention to the uppers of the shoes cares less about the shoes. But we also know that if the soles did not match with the uppers of the shoes, the shoes would be ugly for view. In the posts of before, we have study many brand shoes, but little attention was paid to the design of the soles. I do find that till the FENDI’S Fantasia shoes come into my view.

When we look at these shoes together, it is easily to be found that the uppers of these shoes were simple. The first three pairs of shoes were designed with the same uppers in different colors. The last two pairs have some difference with the first three pairs. The straps of the shoes were two narrow ones while the last two were wider straps which extended to the bottom of the wedges.

The big differences of these shoes were their soles. The soles of the first two pair of shoes look the same in shape which with a red wedge block in the middle of the soles but with difference on the heels. The first heel was in pure brown color while the second one was yellow with some strips in different color. The sole of the third one is red with some black strips and completely different shape with the first two heels without wedge block in the middle of the sole.

The last two were designed with platform soles in different thickness. The thicker sole was separated into three parts by the extended part of the strap. The fore side of the sole was wooden with some scratches on the surface. The middle part was a block that was wrapped by the extended part of the brown strap. The back part of the sole was green. The last one was a simple black sole with middle part wrapped by the extended strap.

Except the last one shoes, every one of these FENDI’s Fantasia shoes was designed with at least three colors on the soles and five colors in the whole. It seems that the soles of FENDI’s Fantasia shoes are much more delicate than the upper side. May be it’s the difference of FENDI shoes. Looking carefully at the soles of the shoes, you would love them. So you must want to have a pair of them because the uppers are as delicate as the soles.