Score A Hole In One With The Best Golf Shoes

The best golf shoes to buy will depend heavily on an individual’s needs. Since each game varies from player to player, it makes sense that shoes would vary too. The type of shoe that best suits you can depend on many variables including the weather, the strength of your swing, and how often you play.

When most people think of footwear, they picture the traditional model that looks like a street shoe with metal spikes on the bottom. In fact, golf footwear did not start out with spikes. As recently as the early 1900’s, golfers wore shoes with simple red rubber soles, until metal spikes were introduced. In 1992, when greens keepers became frustrated with the damage caused by metal spikes, golf footwear manufacturers responded with plastic spikes.

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of golfing footwear available and choosing the right one for you can be a tricky proposition. While styles may vary, the best golf shoes always offer comfort, support, durability and protection from the elements. The importance of those needs can depend on how often you play and in what climate and how strong your swing is.

The more serious players, particularly those with a strong swing, will want the maximum support they can get. And because they are more likely to play in all kinds of weather, they will also want shoes that offer some level of waterproofing. In this case, traditional golf shoes are the best bet. They offer the best quality waterproofing and the most support as well as maximum durability and the ability to change individual spikes as they wear out.

Traditional shoes can be a bit of a drawback if you walk when you play, as they can be heavier than some of the newer styles. For the player who is more inclined to walk, athletic shoes are probably the best golf shoes to buy. These are closer in feel to a sneaker or athletic shoe, are lighter weight and more breathable, and have a more flexible sole which helps them conform to your tread as you walk.

Because they’re made to be lighter weight, athletic shoes are usually not weatherproofed so they can’t hold up to the soggiest of days. They also don’t offer as much support for the most powerful of swings, which some golfers can find troublesome. Athletic shoes are offered by most of the popular athletic shoe companies, including Nike and Adidas.

There are other styles available, including spikeless golf shoes that harken back to the earliest days of the game and are beginning to enjoy greater popularity among golf pros. You can even find golf sandals and golf boots, suited to weather extremes. Again, the best golf shoes will depend on your own personal needs and you should shop carefully before you choose a pair.

Some companies even offer the ability to make custom shoes tailored exactly to your feet. Not surprisingly, these custom shoes tend to be pricier, but for the most serious golfer, no price is too extreme. If you want to get the best out of your game, make sure you put your best foot forward with golf shoes that meet your needs every time.