Five Great Deals in Skull-Themed Shoes for Women

– Iron Fist Sweet Skull O Mine Platform Heels

These shoes have consistently sold well, but are often at the low-end of best-seller lists or just shy of making it onto the best-seller lists. With an understated, almost luminescent charcoal grey and black exterior and metal-studded detailing, they catch the light just enough to get attention, while the fine details keep people looking. They strike the perfect balance of eye-catching and understated, making the wearer stand out as the focus instead of the shoes themselves. Not to undervalue the details though; attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of Iron Fist. The flower and skull detailing that wraps around the shoe really makes the design, and the skull printed on the bottom is a slick addition too. All of this combined makes for one sexy pair of shoes that go equally well with jeans or a skirt, and the more than reasonable price makes them all the more attractive. Definitely an undervalued shoe and a great deal!

– Too Fast Sugar Skull Web Square Peg Platform Heels

This particular pair of shoes has always been a little difficult to find, with a history of stock shortages and waiting lists. Now they are out of production completely, and whatever stock is still out there is all there will ever be. With their colorful sugar skull and spiderweb design, these shoes are a truly unique and eye-catching piece of art that are almost more of a display piece than footwear. With a wonderful combination of playfulness, artfulness, and muerte chic, these shoes are a soon-to-be-gone forever piece of sexiness for your feet.

– Demonia Emily-222 2 Inch Mary Jane’s with Skull and Zipper

These shoes have suffered from poor sales because their predecessor, the Emily-221, had such poor workmanship. The Emily-221 had only one strap, incorporating elastic, and a heavy, inflexible two-inch sole. The end result was a shoe that refused to stay on; every time you took a step, the force of gravity alone was enough to cause the shoe to drag and fall off. Demonia learned from their mistakes though, and the Emily-222 has turned out to one heck of a great shoe. With all the cuteness of the original, and none of the problems, and it has received fantastic reviews. Not only are these shoes of much higher quality and craftsmanship, they are also very comfortable and still sport the cute little skull with a zipper for a mouth. I don’t what it is about that little skull with a zipper mouth, but I love it. In short, these are one of the cutest and most underrated pair of shoes for women with a skull theme. You’ll get so many compliments on these you won’t want to take them off.

– T.U.K. Skull Bow Mary Jane Pumps

If these shoes had to be summed up in one word it would be ‘cute.’ Against its black body, the red trim and bows really stand out and demand to be viewed, and the skulls at the center of the bows and on the buckles add just the right touch of cute gothic detail. It’s almost impossible not to find the eye drawn to these shoes, especially when the red base becomes visible in movement. With an almost surreal feel to them, these shoes seem like something designed in American McGee’s Wonderland, radiating cute, sexy, innocent, and sassy all at the same time, and tossing in the quality that is expected from T.U.K. And did I mention how often these shoes are called comfortable? Hard to believe anything that looks so good could be easy on the feet. These shoes quickly become a favorite of any who own them!

– Giuseppe Zanotti Skull Ballerina Flats

Anyone who knows shoes, knows who Giuseppe Zanotti is, being one of the world’s top shoe designers and manufacturers. Not counting rare or one-of-a-kind shoes (some of which are valued at $100,000 or more), he also happens to have the most expensive pair of shoes on the market, a co-design with Kanye West that retails for $5800. Being a well-respected designer among celebrities and non-celebrities alike, with roots in Italy and a history of work with names like Valentino, Thierry Mugler, Missoni, Dior, Roberto Cavalli and Ferré, as well as 4 nominations for “Designer of the Year” and winning the “Prix d’Excellence de la Mode” for best footwear collection by Marie Claire International, he can command some pretty high prices. Given all that, the average woman might never expect to wear anything by Zanotti, but it turns out he does have a pair of flats (with skulls on them!) at the lower end of his price range. Known for impeccable craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, these Skull Ballerina Flats by Zanotti are so comfortable you won’t even know they are there. But everyone else will, when they wonder who your friends in Hollywood are.