Mary Janes and Ballerina Slippers – Fancy Girl Shoes That Are Really Socks

Socks can be more than just something to keep your baby girl’s feet warm. With new styles of socks that mimic the look of shoes, you can make a variety of cute fashion statements without having to worry about keeping tiny shoes on your baby’s feet. For less than the price of a pair of Robeez or other popular baby shoe, you can get a whole boxful of different shoe looks. If the weather is cold or if your baby has started to walk around outdoors, you’ll need to invest in a real shoe. But until then, why not sample some of the following adorable sock designs for your little girl?

Mary Janes are a cute and classic shoe style for little girls, but who wants to deal with fastening tiny straps? Check out Trumpette’s Mary Jane socks instead. They make it look like your baby is wearing black Mary Jane shoes over different colors of socks. Pairs come six to a box in a Bright set (bright yellow, bright green, white, red, magenta, and purple) and a Pastel set (pale blue, lavender, pink, white, light yellow, light green). The Bright Mary Janes socks are also offered in a Rosies set with tiny roses set at the edges of the straps.

Other brands make Mary Jane socks, too. Jazzy Toes Baby Socks sells a set of white socks printed with black, brown, red, lavender, pink, and sage Mary Janes with little flower details by the “buckle.” Dolly and Dimples’s Tea for Two Set, packaged in an adorable cardboard box painted to look like a bureau, contains two pairs of Mary Janes (pink and black) printed on white ruffle socks. Dolly and Dimples’s Pastry Set, packaged in a box painted to look like a Parisian building, contains three pairs of pastel Mary Janes (pink, lavender, and yellow).

Dolly and Dimples also makes matching pairs of black Mary Jane socks for both mother and baby. And, for the fanciest Mary Janes of all, Mud Pie offers the Little Sprout Mary Jane socks set: two pairs of black Mary Janes printed on green-and-white polka dot socks and pink-and-white polka dot socks, plus pink flats with flower decorations printed on white-and-green polka dot socks.

Various other formal shoe designs for girls beyond Mary Janes are available. If you want your baby to look like she is wearing trendy flats, check out Trumpette’s Pixies set (six pairs of white socks printed with colored flats with tiny bows at the toe in chartreuse, lavender, black, turquoise, red, and magenta). Or track down Dolly and Dimples’s Garden Party set (green, black, and pink flower flats, packaged in a greenhouse box) or their Shopping on the Square set (three pairs of bow flats in black and pink, packaged in a box painted with three charming storefronts),

For even fancier printed slipper designs, look for Mud Pie’s Tiny Dots and Rosettes Socks. They look like pink slippers with rose-embellished straps worn over pink socks with white polka dots. Or find Mud Pie’s Little Sprout Infant Socks, which are flower and ribbon-decorated slippers in black, pink, white, and lime green.

For little ballerinas, search out Trumpette Ballet socks, which look like tiny ballet slippers (in black, light blue, orchid, pink, yellow, light green) laced over white tights. Mud Pie’s Baby Ballerina socks offer the same laced-up ballet slipper style in black and pink.

For an extra-fancy touch, you could get Mud Pie’s Little Princess Ballet Slipper socks, which picture flat ballet slippers with little flowers at the toe. Or you could get Mud Pie Crown Princess Socks with crowns and jewels woven on them.

If you are environmentally conscious and prefer socks made from organic cotton, check out Baberoo’s Organic Socks. You’ll find styles there ranging from pretty Mary Janes and ballerina slippers to casual clogs, high-top sneakers, and cute flip-flops! Elegant Baby also offers a stylish hot pink flip-flop pair of socks.

Sizing varies from brand to brand, with some pairs fitting 0-12 month feet, while others may only fit 0-9 month feet. The Jazzy Toes Baby Socks tend to run large, so you’ll get lots of use out of them. Most of these socks have some sort of rubber design (usually the brand’s name or a cute saying) printed on the bottom to make the socks non-slip as your baby begins to toddle around. Cosy and diverse, all of these socks will make sweet additions to your baby girl’s wardrobe.