How to Avoid Looking Like the Latest Fashion Victim? Black Plaid Shoes Are the Answer

Everywhere you go at the mall, you see plaid; plaid skirts that look like large belts, plaid shirts, plaid jackets, plaid handbags, plaid sneakers, plaid pants, plaid, plaid, plaid… It gets to be a bit much. You know what they say about too much of a good thing, which seems to be the case for the latest fall fashion.

Not everyone can wear plaid and look their fabulous best. It’s one thing to wear plaid on robes and pajama bottoms, yet a whole new thing to wear it as street fashion, office dressing for success or after five functions. 

Body Types and Plaid

Not many women can carry off the large block plaids. If you are close to 6′ tall and quite thin, you may be able to carry it off well. Yet, even that may not bode well because when you are wearing fashion you want your persona to be noticed and the garment to enhance you-not the other way around. Remember the saying, “Are you wearing the dress or is the dress wearing you?”

Dressing in plaid from head to toe can be a bit much, for the same reasons; but, wearing a plaid skirt with a simple top works.  Plaid tops with a simple bottom can work, too. Just be careful of the pattern, making sure it doesn’t overtake your face. Large bosomed ladies are wise to choose a light pattern or a small plaid in order to not look dumpy.

How to Use the Latest Fashion and Still be a Trendsetter

The chic and sophisticated woman who is knowledgeable of the latest fashion trends knows a few secrets:

      1.     Less is more.
      2.     A few good pieces go a long way.
      3.     Quality over quantity.

A pair or two of some fabulous plaid high heels fits these prerequisites.  A shoe boding well is the black plaid shoe with a white cloth base, the plaid in black thin lines with a small amount of red stripes in the plaid. A black gloss heel adds refinement to the shoe.

Wardrobe Combination Ideas

Imagine pairing these shoes with a winter white outfit. Add a red or black high gloss belt, a small plaid bag if you like, and red toes to peek out of the plaid peep toe high heels. Another great classic is a black turtle neck, a black plaid skirt with a small lightly woven white plaid possibly with a touch of red. Then, pair them with the same shoes-you’ve got another hit. These looks will work for the office to the charity luncheons, meetings, and errands.

For a bold statement and something really fun, pair these same high heels with a bright yellow dress or skirt and blouse outfit. Add a black cardigan, a black belt, plaid belt or a red belt, thus creating a grand look and you will not see yourself coming and going. You can do the same with any of your favorite bright colors.

One of my favorite pairs of black plaid shoes is at It is a classic and an added bonus is when you put this saucy high heel on-the beautiful women’s shoe makes your calves look extraordinary.

Here’s to wearing plaid in a smart, chic way this fall and winter.

Colorful Soles of FENDI’s Fantasia Shoes

Most times when we are looking at a pair of shoes, we pay much attention to the uppers of the shoes cares less about the shoes. But we also know that if the soles did not match with the uppers of the shoes, the shoes would be ugly for view. In the posts of before, we have study many brand shoes, but little attention was paid to the design of the soles. I do find that till the FENDI’S Fantasia shoes come into my view.

When we look at these shoes together, it is easily to be found that the uppers of these shoes were simple. The first three pairs of shoes were designed with the same uppers in different colors. The last two pairs have some difference with the first three pairs. The straps of the shoes were two narrow ones while the last two were wider straps which extended to the bottom of the wedges.

The big differences of these shoes were their soles. The soles of the first two pair of shoes look the same in shape which with a red wedge block in the middle of the soles but with difference on the heels. The first heel was in pure brown color while the second one was yellow with some strips in different color. The sole of the third one is red with some black strips and completely different shape with the first two heels without wedge block in the middle of the sole.

The last two were designed with platform soles in different thickness. The thicker sole was separated into three parts by the extended part of the strap. The fore side of the sole was wooden with some scratches on the surface. The middle part was a block that was wrapped by the extended part of the brown strap. The back part of the sole was green. The last one was a simple black sole with middle part wrapped by the extended strap.

Except the last one shoes, every one of these FENDI’s Fantasia shoes was designed with at least three colors on the soles and five colors in the whole. It seems that the soles of FENDI’s Fantasia shoes are much more delicate than the upper side. May be it’s the difference of FENDI shoes. Looking carefully at the soles of the shoes, you would love them. So you must want to have a pair of them because the uppers are as delicate as the soles.

How To Pick Your Wedding Shoes

On your wedding day, you want to look your best. However, you also need to be comfortable, because it is a very long day filled with prolonged periods of standing and dancing. Picking the right pair of shoes is vital to looking great and feeling relaxed.

Styles of Shoe

The type of shoes you choose will depend, in large part, on the style of your wedding dress. Some longer gowns will cover most of the shoes, while shorter hemlines will put them on display. Wedding shoes may be made from satin, silk or velvet, and covered with trim and adornments like rhinestones, crystals or bows. Styles may be closed toe or open toe, closed back, sling back or open back. Brides who rarely wear heels may want to steer clear of heels that are over three inches and incredibly skinny. Instead, pick wedding shoes that have a kitten heel or a slightly squared heel to make getting around easier.

Two Pairs Of Shoes

Many brides opt to purchase two pairs of wedding shoes. The first is a pair of high heels that they will wear during the ceremony and for part of the reception. Then, they change into a second pair of shoes that have a lower heel or are flat. After the ritualistic first dance is over, brides can put on their flats or sandals for the rest of the evening. Just make sure they are still stylish. Some good choices are ballet flats or open-toed sandals. If you are having a beach wedding, flip-flops would definitely be an appropriate footwear choice.

Color Choices

Keep in mind that wedding shoes do not have to be white. These days, many brides are selecting shoes that are silver, gold, gray, bronze and even black. If you do decide on white shoes, make sure the shade matches the dress exactly, as there numerous shades of white including off-white, cream, bone, ivory and whites with a hint of pink. Brides whose gowns have touches of color may also wear coordinating shoes that match. Fashionable brides can pick wedding shoes in a bright tone, such as red, purple or green, for a pop of color. When shoes are a neutral or bright shade, chances are, they actually can be worn again, whereas white shoes scream wedding.

Remember that the footwear must be comfortable. Look for wedding shoes with a padded footbed for maximum comfort and some type of traction on the bottom to avoid slipping and falling. Also, wear the shoes around the house to break them in before the wedding.

A Man’s Guide to Women’s Designer Shoes

Guys, getting the right shoes for the special lady in your life is the of the most challenging tasks a man can ever have, especially if that special one keeps the shoes she craves well under wraps!

You want the designer shoes you buy to be the ones she always wears, and of course, the ones that friends can be envious of, but it isn’t that simple. Women’s shoes are so complicated, using words us mere men have never encountered such as T-Bar, Wedge and Mary Jane, to us they sound more like cocktails than ladies shoes.

Then there’s the colour to take into consideration, make a mistake here and pay the price…if the shoes don’t co-ordinate then they will never be worn, unless of course you are willing to buy an entire outfit to go with the shoes (can get expensive!).

Fortunately, most shoe shops have approachable, helpful staff who can try to guide you in the right direction, it won’t harm if you can remember what colour the shoes are she already owns as well as which colour nail varnishes she wears but if playing video games and drinking beer has removed the need for such information then help is at hand in the form of the style guides.

In today’s image conscious world the most important element when choosing designer shoes for women is the brand, it cannot be underestimated how little the funky little designer size 4’s you’ve just spent your hard earned cash on will matter if they don’t have the right designer emblem on them. So to know which designer shoes you should be considering, look to the celebrity pages of one of her magazines, celebs just love to be photographed in the latest designer shoes and don’t worry, the girls love to have a peek at who’s wearing this years hottest heels.

Every woman loves designer shoes, they might not lavish themselves with them but that doesn’t mean they aren’t secretly hoping for some red-bottomed little numbers. Incase you were worried for an excuse to buy her some, worry not, she will appreciate them all year round and with Valentines Day, Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas to contend with you shouldn’t run out of opportunities to make her day.